Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac and Windows is now available for pre-order

Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac and Windows is now available for pre-order

Aurora HDR 2018

Aurora HDR 2018 has a completely new and smarter algorithm for tone mapping single or multiple exposures that result in the most realistic starting image possible. When merging brackets, the algorithm analyzes each image separately, automatically detecting dark and light zones and adjusting the level of detail which will produce a very natural looking HDR image. With single image processing, the tone mapping algorithm brings out colors and enhances dark and light zones. Either way, this initial starting point is a great foundation for advanced image editing.

Another major improvement to Aurora HDR 2018 is the new HDR Enhance Filter. A single slider adds details and clarity to an image, adjusting colors, details and contrast without creating artificial halos or other problems. Moving the slider also adjusts the intensity of changes, making the picture look more natural or revealing a more dramatic look, depending on the desired effect.

New Aurora HDR 2018 also brings more blend modes, improved color temperature, image radiance, and an improvement whereby custom textures can now include RAW files. Aurora HDR 2018 can work as a standalone app, as well as a plugin to Lightroom and Photoshop both on Mac and PC versions, and with Adobe Elements and Aperture on Macs.

* Lens Correction and Transform tools, as well as image flip and rotate will be available in the Mac version at launch, and arrive in the PC version with the first free update in the beginning of October. Other tools and features that are currently available for Mac only would be added to PC version by the end of the year.

Pre-order customers will receive a bonus pack:

  • BONUS: Trey Ratcliff Deep Dive video
  • BONUS: Travel Photography Tutorial by Matt Granger
  • BONUS: Source Brackets
  • BONUS: 3-month Zenfolio Pro website, including a complimentary design consultation. $60 USD value.


For more information and to preorder your copy click HERE


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