Best ND filters

Best ND filters

I had mentioned a few articles back about learning my Adobe lightroom workflow and from there I decided to standardize my camera lenses. What I mean by that is I have traded in and purchased faster lenses but with a common lens size. All my lenses to date are 77mm in size. My reason for purchasing only that size of lens size is for the purpose of only purchasing one size of filters.

Why should I buy filters,? ND filters? Bright is always a good thing. So how do you make longer exposures, stop down your shutter speeds or aperture?  Fast shutter speeds are great for freezing motion, but that’s not always what you want when you’re taking a photograph. One solution is to fit a high-density neutral filter to your lens, typically one with a rating of 10 stops. Or how about a Polarizer for taking away reflections off of water among other uses of this filter?

So my polarizer filter is 77mm and my 3 other ‘ND filters’ I currently have are also 77mm so I can move my filters around from lens to lens without having additional different size filters kicking around and the need to drag them around out in the field. So before I decide to go out and just get some ND filters, I did a little research on what brands of ND filters to go out and purchase and what different strengths if you say I needed for what I wanted to do. Here is an article that does a pretty good job of explaining a few different brand names in the ND filter market and their uses that are affordable to expensive.  I hope this helps out a bit. If anything it will expose you to brand names that you can do further research. It is about  Best ND filter: 6 top models tested and rated – Click here to read and enjoy!

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