Canadian Drone Users

Canadian Drone Users

Transport Canada revised the rules for Recreational Drone users. Now drone users can fly in Canada again.

The new Crazy Canadian Drone Laws literally made it impossible to fly legally in Canada, recently have been revamped and these new rules are a lot more reasonable and will allow us to fly our drones again. I was using Aerial Video and still captures for my videography of nature and for my landscape photography to showcase the beauty of the surrounding areas while I travel, and explore. Nothing gives you the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Country like seeing it from the air. So this is great for me. I hope you are as happy with the improvements in the laws as I am and hopefully for all drone enthusiasts here in Canada.

Here is a link to the Transport Canada website where there is a PDF that succinctly gives you the new (and improved) drone rules.

Transport Canadas new revised drone laws, click here.


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