enhance your images for free?

enhance your images for free?

A while back I posted a notice that Google had opted to make their Photography images by Google Nik software suite for free. That was great but when I installed the suite the first thing dawned on me, what does each component of the suite do. I recently come across this article that touches on some filters that the suite has. This is a quick short article that explains 5 of the best filters this part of the photo suite uses. Click here to learn about these 5 filters and what they do.

The entire collection is of incredible value. But, Color Efect Pro 4 in particular, features these, and many more tools that can be incorporated into your everyday photographic workflow from Lightroom or Photoshop, and give your images a competitive edge!

What about you? Do you already use Google’s Nik Collection? If not, give it a try now after it has been changed to a free product?

Google Nik software Suite download here


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