Free 212 page ebook on Get Organized in Lightroom

Free 212 page ebook on Get Organized in Lightroom

This came across my desk, or desktop and had a look at it and this ebook which you can take with you anywhere is free until Feb 14th, 2016.  This is a good resource to add to your electronic library put together by Photographers for Photographers. So enjoy

Are you tired of spending too much time looking for your photos?  Have you over lost track of some of your photos and felt totally stressed out?  While Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a great tool to develop your photos, it also serves another important purpose… keeping your images organized.  But how you go about this process is pretty complex.

The new book is called, “Get Organized in Lightroom.” In its 212 pages, you’ll find practical advice and expert tips.  Five experts from Photofocus: Kevin Ames, Rob Sylvan, Levi Sim, Vanelli, and Nick Minore share some of their favorite techniques to import, organize, and tag photos.  They share ideas and best practices on how to keep an organized photo library.

The book is a $19.99 value, but is free until February 14, 2016, thanks to our friends at Drobo. They offer some of the best storage on the planet that’s ready for a giant photo library.  In fact, we’re even giving away a Drobo right here.

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