Gopro Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session is here

Gopro Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session is here



The Hero 5 GoPros are here. GoPro just announced their new line of cameras. The new line from GoPro is called Hero5 and it features only two cameras: a more advanced GoPro Hero5 Black and a smaller GoPro Hero5 session. GoPro seems to be getting some of their focus back which is great.

GoPro Hero5 Black their flagship has relatively the same video output of the older Hero4 Black edition, combined with the LCD (+ touch) of the Silver model. It no longer needs a case and its waterproof up to 10 meters.

On the video side, the Hero 5 is capable of recording all the way from 4K@30fps to 720@240FPS.  The camera features the  voice control command and electronic image stabilisation.

On the stills side of things, the camera will offer 12MP photos, RAW images and Wide Dynamic Range, and GPS. GoPro says that sound has been increased.



The GoPro session 5 is for a smaller, less advanced camera. It is smaller, only takes 10MP photos. It has no LCD, but will still do the voice command thing.




The small “original” session got a few cosmetics too. It takes 8MP photos and does 1440P30/ 1080P60 video. None of the new fancy stabilisation of voice control though. The good news is that this camera will only set you back $199 USD.



Something new, A cloud-based storage that costs about $5 a month. For that amount, you get to automatically upload every single bit of GoPro footage you take and have it accessible everywhere. Actually, not only access them, but also edit them using GoPro’s desktop to mobile editors. The movies can only be edited locally, so if you start editing on a certain device, you have to complete the edit there.


for a full description, you can get it from GoPros website at this link



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