Guide to using a mono pod correctly.

Guide to using a mono pod correctly.

Hey, this is a great article I came across on correctly using a mono pod. Mono Pod is a great tool if you want to go light. Also makes a great walking stick, click here to read up on this great article.

Enjoy.. 😉

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    1. Hey… glad you asked.. I am biased to Nikon, just because they most are at the fore font of the latest sensor technology. For what you want to do, that is fairly straight forward and good quality pictures and a camera that will last you a good time is a Nikon D5300 or a Nikon D3300. The D3300 is a bit smaller in size so if you have small hands it might be a better choice. but the D5300 would be a great choice. In Australia you may have a choice in different kits, kits meaning choice a lenses that come with the camera. Nikon offers depending on the camera body different options of kits that have different lenses. Once you get a grasp of this camera, you can add different lenses to it, then if you like to upgrade the camera body later on years down the road you can keep the lenses you invested in and use them on the next camera. Hope this helps. Then once you get a camera, there is tons of resourses on how to tweak the camera to get exceptional pictures. So I can direct you to good resources for that to understand your camera. Enjoy.

        1. Hello again

          Sorry it took me so long to reply, Christmas time and busy and for some reason these notifications are not getting to my emails.. gotta figure that one out. I looked up that sony camera and it looks like a great camera. The only thing I would consider is the view finder, it looks small so it may be hard to see when you are focusing. If you switch to the live view on the back of the camera that would help but keep in mind when you activate live view (the screen on the back), it is great to focus and for making videos but it is hard to see the back of the camera screen in bright light. So if you take lots of beach pictures or outside bright light it can be hard to see the screen. I noticed in the demo of the Sony camera that the view finder was at the corner of the camera so it maybe be difficult to look through a small viewer especially if you where glasses. On the Nikon and Canon cameras usually there is a dial that adjusts to bring things into focus in the viewer so you can switch between glasses or no glasses or contacts. I use that alot as I sometimes where glasses and then sometimes I don’t or I wear contacts instead. But if you don’t need those you may not need to consider that at all. Outside of that it seems to be a great camera. Just ask about lens interchangability if you decide to upgrade later that your lens can stay with you for the next camera if you choose to upgrade.

          Hope this helps.. abit


          Vaughn B.

          1. Very good tips Vaughn I appreciate your time thanks I will know more now when I go to buy one which will be after Xmas now when sales are on. Merry Christmas to you 🙂

          2. Hi Wendy

            Well I hope there was something helpful for ya. It will have you thinking about things I hope. Just remember that the camera needs to feel good in your hands and against your face..etc. Also to consider the megapixel. If you ever decide to print your photo’s, the size of megapixel you might want to consider. this article I wrote describes how many is enough for when purchasing a camera. I always enjoy reading your articles/blogs. You have a merry Christmas as well. Hope you have a great New Year too.

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