My Trip planned to Iceland

My Trip planned to Iceland

Thought I would send out an update about a trip I have been planning. I have pretty much finalized all the details of my trip I am taking to Iceland.

In December, I purchased at that time, the latest DJI Phantom 3 Pro  drone. I wanted to add that to my list of tools for taking photos on my trip to Iceland. So since the beginning of January, I have been out mastering my flying skills with this drone.

Earlier when planning to travel to Iceland I had been contemplating joining a Photography group to go with, but I simply could not justify the high price with just a few tightly scheduled days there. So I decided to take a self-guided 14-day tour on my own on the Golden Circle. Taking a 14-day tour will give me lots of extra time to explore Iceland and much other off the beaten trail places so I am certain it will be a trip to remember. I have lots of time to setup my morning sunrises and sunsets to take pictures making the trip a fun part as well.

A self-guided tour package I picked provides you with a vehicle, a GPS, times and places where you will stay. It seems nicely structured with lots of time to spend in between for photography and capturing video and photos with my drone as well as exploring on my own.

If anyone might be interested, you can follow this link to see what is possible. Guide to Iceland.

Will keep you posted on my progress.

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