My New Years Resolution in 2017

My New Years Resolution in 2017

First Day of 2017

Well, this is the first day of 2017 and so far is filled with lots of snow. Just finished cleaning off the roof of my house of over a foot of snow and unthawing my sewer vent with a jug of boiling hot water poured down it. So am good for now. 

My post processing software

This last few months of 2016 there has been a few new pieces of software released and so I decided to shelf my Photomatix as it has not really been updated much in favour of purchasing Macphun Aurora HDR 2017 for Mac, and Macphun LUMINAR for Mac. I also updated to the latest version of ON1 Photo RAW 2017. These 3 pieces of software have pretty much dominated my Post Processing of my Photos. I still use of course Adobe LightRoom but seldom use photoshop anymore.

Looking forward

For looking forward into 2017 my last few months I have not had much opportunity to get out and take more photo’s than I have. So now that we are entered into a new year I decided to make this year even better for taking photos so I come across this challenge and thought I would share this hoping it will encourage you to get out and take more photos and many other aspects of Photography. Click here to read the Blog and enjoy.

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