Photography Gear Management Solution

Photography Gear Management Solution


Coming soon to Kickstarter is a solution for photography gear called GearEye.

GearEye is a location-based logbook for all your high-end gear. It uses super thin, smart RFID stickers that are easily tagged onto items so you never lose or forget anything. The stickers are super-affordable so you can put them on everything.  They’ll always work because they don’t run on batteries.


What GearEye can do for photographers

  • Ensures nothing gets left behind – tap the app and GearEye checks that all your gear is in place.
  • Locate lost gear – use the app to pinpoint the whereabouts of missing gear.
  • Create gig profiles – make lists of gear needed for different gigs, then just have GearEye check if you’re all set for the occasion.
  • Only take what you need – GearEye lets you know if you’ve packed something you don’t need, based on your selected list.
  • Pay special attention – tell GearEye to keep an eye out for the important stuff, and you’ll never have that panicked “where is it?” moment again.
  • Tag everything – super-affordable stickers means large packs of them for very little. No need to think twice, if you might need it, tag it!

Directions on how to tag Photography equipment and know what is what is a simple 3 step process that is it. A phone app to install is all that is required that helps know where all your equipment is. You can literally tag anything of value when it comes to your equipment. You can get more information by clicking HERE.



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