the new ON1 Photo 10 is Here

the new ON1 Photo 10 is Here

When I got into photography a couple of years ago, I had always had an interest in Photography most of my life but now I am really serious about it in hopes of making a life of it on my last half of my life. Well taking photos with film cameras which I have always been a Nikon fan but now heavily into digital I have to do my own Post processing of each photo.

When I first started processing my digital pictures, honestly I hated it, more like dreaded doing that. I have to learn a computer app to do that. After some research  I thought I would give adobe light-room a try. I have learned it, but am always learning new styles and different ways to use the tools in Light room for better affects. To do the extra things like removing objects in the photo, highlighting certain parts of photos to correct things I use Photoshop but sometimes Photoshop is just a bit too powerful for what I want to do.

So about a year ago or so I tried using another piece of software called On1 Photo suite 8 and 9.x and I loved it. It had the right kind of tools, ease of use and the learning curve was much less if you want to do some simple things quicker and On1 Photo suite has a plugin for light room so you can edit your photo right out of light room making it so much easier.

Well On1 stepped up and really revamped their Photo suite 9 and now have just released On1 Photo 10.  It is awesome, it kind of resembles Light room so tools are where you might expect them to be. So if you interested in trying a great photo editing suite you can download a 60 day trial of On1 Photo 10. There are video tutorials to even help you try things out.

For the fully functional trial software click here.   If you want to just check some info about Photo 10 click this link here.


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