would you try Back button focus?

would you try Back button focus?

About two years ago I was introduced to the Idea to try Back button focus with my cameras. When I first read about it, my first thought was, how would that make anything better. But I decided to give it a try, both my Nikon Cameras supported it so I reconfigured both of them with little effort and reconfiguring bot of them forced me to try it.


What back button focus does is it uses the AF-On button as your focus button. Other Nikon cameras that have the AE-L/AF-L can also be configured the same way.

Like everything else when I try something new, I had to retrain my brain to use the back AF-On Button to focus then press the Shutter-release button. After about a month that it was easier to use it than the combo focus release button. The biggest advantage is not having to recompose my camera and use exposure lock as much, though I use exposure lock for the usual getting sampling where I want. Anyways I will never look back, there are so many advantages to using back button focus. I couldn’t begin to properly do justice in explaining so here are a couple of Articles, one being a video on configuring it for a Nikon camera. So would you try Back button focus? If interested here is some info on that.

Click here for a great explanation.

Click hereof  for a video  the benefits and how to for Nikon cameras.

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